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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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The 4J Studios Virtual SUPERteams challenge for 12 – 9 year olds ended on 14 June.  The four week challenge included 4 events with points awarded to each; Sprints (75 m shuttle run), Throws (20 attempts to land a pair of socks in a container), Jumps (a standing jump), and Endurance (800m run). 16 Pitreavie youngsters took part at home, joining over 500 others all over Scotland.


Ross Allan, following on from his bronze A team place in the 2019 SUPERteams, was the highest scorer for Pitreavie with 270 points, giving him an excellent 5th place in the Boys ranking, with his astonishing 95 point 2.32m jump making a great contribution.  Strong jumping was the story of the event with Ruaridh Law and Fraser Muir both scoring a well deserved 77 points for their jumps of 1.95m and 1.94m, contributing to their 208 points and 191 points respectively.  Daniel Forbes competed the Boys A team with a very robust 187 points, enabling the Boys A team to place 23 out of 83 overall teams with 856 points.  Pitreavie B Boys were one short of a team of 4, but nevertheless came out solidly with Callum Wood (181 points), Sam Parker (178 points) and Lewis Greig (110 points).


The Girls A team placed 13th out of 80 teams, with an excellent overall score of 884 points, just ahead of Inverclyde on 882 points.  Mia Fairweather’s very consistent performance across all events (64 points Sprints, 65 points Throws, 59 points Jumps, and 68 points Endurance) propelled her into top Pitreavie girl’s scorer, with 256 points, second overall for Pitreavie after Ross Allan.


Jumping continued to figure highly, with Isla Gourlay, Christy Cameron and Bonnie Seath executing particularly good jumps of 1.90m, 1.95m and 1.73m respectively, putting them firmly in the A team, alongside Mia Fairweather.  Isla also scored a very good 238 points, alongside Christy on 197 points, and Bonnie on 193 points.  Meanwhile, Pitreavie B Girls placed midway in the rankings at 43rd on 610 points, with Mia Fulton (179 points), Esme Deacon (148 points), Faye Allan (144 points) and Zara Webster (139 points).

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