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Pitreavie Amateur Athletics Club

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Pitreavie athletes once again rose to the challenge of Scottish Athletics virtual events, this time heading out to gain as many vertical metres as possible in the 4J Studios Hill Running Challenge.  With participants needing to run no more than 100m up and downhill for a continuous 30 min (seniors) and 15 mins (juniors), Pitreavie members were seen on many local hills in their distinctive yellow and blue kit.

Up against some stiff competition from clubs with easy access to big hills, Pitreavie Seniors placed a solid 10th out of 43 clubs, with their 3457m climbed – 2.5 x the height of Ben Nevis, with the juniors climbing 647m for a well deserved 6th place.  The senior A team, who placed 47th mid-way up the rankings, climbed 996m between them, and were made up of Graeme Downie (336m), Lynn Harvey (243m), Campbell Blair (211m) and Kirstyn Suttie (206m).  The Masters team, consisting of Graeme Downie, Campbell Blair, Penny Hicks (182m), and Susan Stevenson (174m), placed 19th with their total climb of 903m.

On an individual basis the younger athletes shone, Lynn Harvey placed 3rd in U17W, while Beth Aitken (U17W) was 5th with 120m.  Holly Gordon placed 4th in the U15G with 140m, while Eve McLachlan also placed 4th in the U13G with an excellent 180m climb.

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