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Pitreavie AAC Virtual Superteams 2

Published on Friday, 28 August 2020 15:35

Pitreavie youngsters enthusiastically took part in the latest Scottish Athletics 4J Studios Superteams2 event aimed at U15-U11’s.   It was once again a great success, with over 438 young athletes and 33 clubs participating in the two week event.  Pitreavie teams performed well, with the U11 girls, U15 boys and U15 girls taking three virtual podium places. 


The U11 girls produced a fantastic performance to place 1st with 935 points.  Mia Fairweather (258 points), Isla Gourlay (248 points), Bonnie Seath (215 points) and Esme Deacon (214 points) made up the winning team.   Mia Fairweather and Isa Gourlay both did particularly well in the individual results with Mia and Isla placing 6th and 10th U11 girls.


The U15 boys placed 2nd in their age category after Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, with 977 points scored by Caleb McLeod (286 points), Calum Hall (259 points), Alex Mitchell (234 points), and Harris Mackie (198 points).  Caleb’s high point score also saw him placed 4th in the individual U15 boys results, a well-deserved 1st in the U15 boys 1000m run with his time of 2:56 mins, and 2nd in the vertical jump with a 0.57m jump. 


Meanwhile the U15 girls A team finished 3rd on 983 points, with Holly Gordon scoring 279 points, Niamh Stephen 242 points, Cara Gray 232 points, and Olivia Knowles on 230 points.  Holly pulled it out of the bag to come 2nd in the girls U15 shuttle run with her time of 21.90 secs.


The U13 boys and girls A teams both placed 12th with 863 and 804 points respectively.  The boys team was made up of Cameron Fyffe (257 points), Ross Allan (244 points), Frazer Lees (205 points) and Finn Charity (157 points). The girls team included Hannah Gray (232 points), Christy Cameron (214 points), Rachel Johnston (180 points) and Rachel Jennings (178 points).  Vertical Jump also proved a good event for Hannah Gray, who placed 3rd U13 girl with 0.49m.

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