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Pitreavie Amateur Athletics Club

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Guide to rankings

Published on Saturday, 27 July 2013 21:15

Main Rankings

w - wind assisted (ie wind speed over 2metres/sec) for sprints,sprint hurdles,LJ& TJ.

w/s - recorded wind speed where avaiable

# - where no wind speed reading recorded

i - indoor performance


The performances are listed in the same format used by SATS in the Scottish Year Books and now for rankings on the  SATS website:

Column 1 shows the athlete`s Best Performance.

For sprints,sprint hurdles, and horizontal jumps the best performance,legal(i.e wind reading <2.0m/sec) or where no wind speed reading has been taken, is listed as the athlete`s best for ranking purposes.

If the best performance is legal or # only one performance will be listed.

If there are superior # or w/a performances , they will be listed in Col 2

Col 3 lists wind speeds where known

Cols 4,5,7,& 8 are self explanatory

Column 6 gives place in event with additional information

Col 9 lists the competiton venue.

Col 10 gives the position of the Scottish Rankings in the Top 50 in the athletes`s own age group.

The Age Grp T&F lists show the top six performances in each age group i.e if there are sufficient marks in group.

Seniors/U20s are listed as one group.

The Overall T&F lists show the top performances, irrespective of age group with exception of the hurdle and men`s throws where hurdle heights & weights vary.

Although the lists record the performances over the past year, it is an important guide to the strengh and weaknesses of club.

The Road lists cover the standard distances: 5K,5 miles , 10K , 10 miles, Half Marathon and Marathon.

Indoor Rankings

Column 1 shows the athlete`s Best Performance.

Cols2,3,5,7 are labelled & self explanatory

Column 4 shows the ahletes place in the event.


a - A string, b - B string
h - heat e.g 1h2 means 1st in heat 2 etc.
r - race e.g 1r11 is 1st in race 11
f - final, sf - semi-final
p - pool e.g. 5p3 is 5th pool 2
T - triathlon. P - pentathlon. O-octathlon. D- decathlon
(sc) - 2nd claim member
S/Ts - superteams
SIAL - Scot Indoor Athletic Lge
FVL - Forth Valley Lge

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