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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Track & Field Selection Policy

Published on Thursday, 08 April 2021 11:40

It is also important that the club are transparent in the selection for leagues and with the crazy year we have just had we felt it necessary to introduce a selection policy. In this policy it states the leagues that athletes will be selected for. In the next few weeks, the fixture list will be sent to all members as well when this is completed.


Track and Field Selection Policy

The aim of this statement is to provide an understanding for parents and athletes of the process employed by Pitreavie AAC competitions team when selecting athletes to compete for the Club.

The club participates in the following leagues:

  • YDL (U13 & U15) 3 matches and a final.
  • YDL (U17 & U20) 3 matches and a final. (Kingdom athletics composite team one Pitreavie selector)
  • FVL (U11 to U15) 3 matches and a selection match.
  • SWAL (Women’s League) (U13 to Masters) 3 matches.
  • SAL (Men’s League) (U17 to Seniors) 4 matches.


The selection process begins with the relevant selectors and team manager reviewing the performances recorded by athletes across events organised and run under UK Rules for Competition, which may subsequently be eligible for recording on Power of 10.

Where no evidence from recent performances at recognised competition is available or where a coach has observed a noticeable improvement in form, performances at training sessions will be taken into consideration by the team manager in selecting athletes.

Teams will be selected on the principle and basis of having the best potential to achieve the highest possible placing for the club in the relevant league. (The FVL is selected different so that everyone gets the opportunity to compete)

From a club perspective this system is used to ensure we field the strongest team for meetings.  For the athlete it ensures fairness and expectation; encourages participation and sets a benchmark for standards.

The overall needs of the Club may be considered when making team selections in line with Club priorities and its values and ethos of competition for all.

Where an athlete can be considered for selection to a number of events e.g. top ranked in a number of events, the athlete (or their parent/coach) should be given the choice of event(s) and the remainder may be filled with the 2nd choice athlete if it’s not going to be detrimental to the team.

The final decision on team selection lies with the selector and team manager.

Athletes who are selected to race and commit to attending but fail to show without communicating their non-attendance and/or without a reasonable explanation, will not be selected to compete at the next event regardless of their availability.

Team managers are encouraged to seek updates on training performances from coaches and to keep records of their athletes personal best times and distances.

Athletes are encouraged to participate in open graded meetings and championship races to obtain official times and/or distances. A timetable of events can be viewed on the Scottish Athletics website events page.

The roll of parents is to support and encourage their children to take part in Sport. They should also support their child’s coaches, selectors and team managers. Remember that everyone connected to the club is a volunteer and deserves to be treated with respect.

Any athlete (or parent of a younger athlete) who has a grievance with regard to Team Selection should, in the first instance, discuss this with the competition’s coordinator. It is hoped that most problems can be resolved at this stage.

Should a grievance be unresolved or continue beyond this discussion, the individual (or their parents) should write to the Clubs Committee in line with the Clubs Grievance Procedure that can be found on the Pitreavie website.

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