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Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Pitreavie AAC Endurance Section round up Dec 2020

Published on Saturday, 22 May 2021 16:31

Pitreavie AAC’s Endurance Section members (PAACE) have continued to enthusiastically take part in virtual club events.  The latest activities include PAACE yourself in December and a Winter self-guided Trail Series.  The PAACE Yourself event involves participants making a personal commitment to achieving a fitness goal in December, with any type of exercise permitted.  This could range from daily exercise of any sort, a minimum walking or running mileage, or minimum number of steps.  The key is members can choose something to challenge themselves, but also fits in with their lifestyles.  The challenge has been a huge success with over 132 members participating and helping to raise vital club funds at the same time.


Devised by Mike Gudgeon, one of the club’s ultra-runners, the PAACE Winter Trail Series has proven popular with over 77 runners signing up.  Mike has been keen to spread his love of the trails and developed a series of mapped trail routes in West Fife to be run anytime to the end of February 2021, to ensure there’s no overcrowding.  The idea is these are run in small, Scottish Athletics COVID compliant groups to give a little of the atmosphere of a race, importantly, with the safe social contact being good for mental health.  Whilst some are taking the race seriously, and aiming for fast times, many members, including the club’s Jog Scotland Group, Ready Steady Go Pitreavie, are getting involved simply to get their first taste of the trails and to have some fun.


With PAACE members fast gaining a reputation for enjoying their food, Varrie Wardrope has put together a PAACE recipe book.  The book, based entirely on members contributions, is interspersed with photos and quotes, and has been a very well received positive memento of this strange year, with £450 raised for the club.


Generous PAACE members also donated £130 to excellent local charity ‘Eats Rosyth’.  The money was raised through the course of an internal club event, the ‘5 mile Handicap’ race in 2020, with Christine Syme, long time member donating the money on behalf of the club.

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