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Pitreavie Amateur Athletics Club

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Registered Charity SC05575.

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Pitreavie AAC has responded to the easing of lockdown measures by restarting club training, using the concept of ‘training bubbles’ borrowed from neighbouring club Kirkcaldy Wizards, with whom the club has good links.  The bubble concept was initially trialled in Pitreavie’s Endurance Section, who now have over 14 separate training bubbles, each consisting of 5 households meeting bi-weekly and following the same training plan.  The bubbles have proven a huge hit, with new bubbles being set up each week as demand increases.  With Endurance section members always keen to bring an element of fun to their training the bubbles have also been given unique names including Hubble Bubble, Bubblicious, Double Bubble Biscuit and Bubble Gump.


With the support from Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT) and recent publicity from Dunfermline Press, Track and Field training has also recommenced at the Pitreavie track on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Pitreavie and FSLT have agreed exclusive use of the outdoor Athletics Centre for 2 hours on each night, with athletes training within designated age-group based bubbles in line with Scottish Athletics Guidance.   


Athletes are asked to take the necessary hygiene precautions before attending training and meet their coach outside the Centre in pre-designated meeting areas, before being escorted to their training muster area.  Once training sessions start the athletes can mix within their own bubble, but not with other bubbles.   While U12s form bubbles of 8, and don’t have to socially distance, the rules change for older athletes.  12 – 17 year olds in their training bubble of 10 distance before and after, but not during training, whilst 18s and over must follow the maximum 5 household rule for their bubble and have to distance at all times.


Training now on offer includes Sprints, Foundation, Middle Distance, Field Multi Events, and Long Jump, with extra equipment and facility cleaning precautions being taken before, during, and after sessions. The precautions also include additional first aid kits, a one way system, and an attendance register to support the Scottish Government’s Test and Trace system.  


Though complex to set up, its been a great opportunity for Pitreavie members, coaches and staff from the FSLT to work together, with Mike Bower from FSLT giving great on-site support at the Athletics Centre.  As a result, the club now has over 100 athletes training each week, and has also been able to accommodate two non-club athletes, Grant Plenderleith and Jack Lawrie, as they gear up for the British Championships.

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